At Castle View we have a College system where all students are divided into four
colleges. Each college is represented by a colour – Red, Green, Blue & Yellow.

Throughout the school year, the colleges compete for the Overall College Cup,
collecting as many college points as possible based on actions such as
performance in class, attitude to learning and good attendance. The house with
the highest end-of-year total wins and the overall cup is presented at the end of
year assembly. The winners will also have their coloured flag visible in the main
atrium as the current champions.

Each college will also be represented at Sports Day where a separate Sports Day
Cup will be presented to the winner. Every student takes part in the inter-college
events at the end of every half term within their PE lessons. The points won are
combined with the points awarded on sports day with the college with the most
points being the Sports Day Cup Champions.

Each College has a member of staff as a college leader who will lead them through
all of the year’s events.

Every student and staff member is allocated a college that they will be associated
with for their time at Castle View School. All siblings will be in the same college
and all student lists are displayed on the college boards. Each student will have a
tie with text that matches the colour of their college