Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning 

We have a whole school approach to behaviour. Students who fail to meet the expectations of the school could receive a number of different sanctions that are set out below. Every student has the right to learn and every teacher has the right to teach, our policy allows students to make mistakes but most importantly to learn from these mistakes and ‘put it right’. As part of the whole school approach all detentions are led by the leadership team.

Classroom Management

In classrooms our teachers are trained to use ARC as a behaviour management tool.

Ask, teachers will ask students to improve or manage an element of their behaviour.

Remind, teachers will remind the student. This will trigger a 2nd dismissal.

Consequence, if students continue to meet meet the expectations they will be issued a 3rd dismissal.


School Behaviour Management

If expectations continue to not be met then students will be removed from the lesson. This will result in a 3rd dismissal and parents being called. Students may be isolated from lesson if this behaviour is replicated.



At Castle View we operate a 1st, 2nd and 3rd dismissal programme.

1st Dismissal is at 2:50pm. This is the time school finishes for students that have made the correct choices and met the schools expectations throughout the day.

2nd Dismissal is at 3pm. This additional time is for students to reflect on their actions during the day. They will be detained with no notice to parents at the end of period 5. Those who choose not to stay will be set a 20 minute headteacher detention which will be held at lunch time the following day.

3rd Dismissal is at 3:50pm. This will be the result of students failing to meet the schools expectations. Parents will be contacted and the detention will be set for the following night.


Late to School

Students who arrive after the bell at 8:30am will be issued with a 20 minute detention at the lunch time on the same day. If a student fails to attend they will be issued a whole school detention for 1 hour on the next scheduled evening.


Curriculum plus Centre

Students may be internally excluded if they are involved in serious incidents or if they have repeatedly not met expectations that have been set. This will result in the Head of Year speaking or meeting with parents and the student being isolated from the main school. They will arrive at 9am and will not leave until 3:30pm. They will also have break and lunch at separate times. Students will be in the CPC when they return from an external exclusion.


Fixed Term Exclusions

Students that consistently fail to meet the schools expectations or are involved in a serious incident may be excluded from school for a fixed period. Parents/Carers will be informed by telephone and in writing. Parents/Carers will be required to meet with the students Head of Year before the student returns to their lessons.


Governor Panel Meeting

If the behaviour or actions of a student continue to impact the learning or wellbeing of any members of the Castle View community then parents will be required to attend a meeting with senior staff and the school governors. This will be used to discuss the suitability of Castle View School for the student.


Community Service

Students that have been involved in anti-social behaviour may be issued with a school community service order. This will be issued by a member of the leadership team and will be for set period of time. Duties may include collecting litter, tidying classrooms or a task that relates to the anti-social behaviour that has taken place.