Learning Mentor Programme

As part of our on-going programme to support our students, this year we have begun a Student Mentorship Programme. In alliance with King John Sixth Form, four ex-students, who all achieved 6-8 grades in English last year and are now students at the KJS Sixth Form, are returning to work with our students during Period 6 on English exam skills and practice GCSE questions. Students who have attended so far have commented how beneficial they have found working with the mentors and that having the peer to peer support is helping to build their confidence in preparation for their exams next summer. We hope to build the programme up over the coming year so that more students can benefit from this exciting scheme.

Meet our English Learning Mentors;

My name is Max Warren and I have just finished studying my GCSEs at the Castle View School. I left the school with 8 GCSEs all from A*-C. I have now moved on to study economics, business and psychology A-Levels at the King John Sixth Form and am really enjoying it there. Castle View has really helped me to get to where I wasn’t to be whether it be from getting feedback on my answers or just giving me general advice. The support from the teachers here is outstanding and wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. I’m looking forward to supporting other students in my role as a Learning Mentor now.

Hi! I’m Ella Merry and I currently study at King John Sixth Form. In my English GCSEs I achieved a grade 9 in English Language and a grade 6 in English Literature. My aspiration for the future is to be a top lawyer in London. In order to achieve my grades, I had to attend many revision sessions and I also spent many hours after school going over quotations, language techniques and analysing parts of the texts. Without revision, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the grades I did and I wouldn’t now be studying English Language at A-Level. I hope that I can help other students succeed the way I did in their English GCSEs.

I am Jodie and I am an ex-Castle View student who left in 2017. I used to believe that life would be handed to me on a plate; however I soon realised that if I didn’t do the work, I wasn’t going to achieve anything. With the help and support of my teachers and parents, I managed to get the grades to attend the King John Sixth Form. I achieved two grade 6s in English but I know that if I had started revising sooner I could have achieved even more. I aspire to go to university and study English Literature and hope to become and English teacher. I really hope that I can pass some of my experience on to younger students and am looking forward to working with you.

I am James, an ex-student from Castle View School and current student at the King John Sixth Form. I realised at the start of year 11 that I needed to seriously get my head down and work hard to achieve my GCSEs. This hard work, which included lots of revision, led me to being awarded various awards including the Jack Petchey award and Canvey Schools Award. Then, on results day, I was able to open my results with confidence and pride knowing I deserved my two level 8s in English. In my role as an English Learning Mentor, I hope to be able to help other students build their skills and confidence the way I did.