At Castle View School we believe in educational trips and visits as an excellent method of providing students with invaluable experiences of the wider world.  Throughout a student’s time at the school they will have access to a range of trips and visits including skiing, Hollywood USA and many more local areas of interest. We believe that learning does not just happen within the classroom and that skills, knowledge and understanding gained from visiting another country, town or city and experiences from museums, art galleries and theatres are all important in augmenting a student’s core curriculum.

As with extra curricular clubs, at Castle View we understand that learning does not stop in the classroom. Many experiences and fundamental skills can only be taught and experienced by attending trips that we as a school provide.


In the last year students have been lucky enough to be invited to attend trips to such varied places as Epping Forest, Warner Bros Studios and even Hollywood, Los Angeles. These trips not only serve as a means to open up a students mind to show how their subjects work in the real world but also provide a learning platform for students to develop other skills such as teamwork, resilience and independence.


In short, there is sometimes nothing better to show a student how vital their learning is to the real world than ‘being there’. It enhances their skills and makes them more passionate about the subjects they love.

The Pictures above are from a school Trip to Hollywood this past October.

Click on the Downloadable PDF on the right to see photos from the Year 11 trip to the Olympic Park site 2017.