At Castle View School we believe learning at home is an integral part of education and parental support and engagement is paramount. We are committed to ensuring that home learning activities are enriching; students should be inspired to be creative, reflective and to take some responsibility for their development.

The purpose of home learning at Castle View School is to:

  • allow parents/carers and other adults be involved in the development and progress of learners
  • challenge learners
  • establish and embed a work ethos
  • develop students ability to managing their time and meet deadlines
  • prepare for learning to come
  • provide an opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom
  • allow students to share findings, teach others and peer assess during the next lesson

Teachers will endeavour to provide varied home learning tasks that will appeal to different learning styles. Examples of home learning activities may include:

  • Research and preparation
  • Reflection and continuity of learning
  • Guided revision
  • Planning answers to questions
  • Creating visual/written/audio representations of concepts/texts
  • ReadingĀ  and related activities
  • Exam preparation

To support home learning at Castle View School the LRC isĀ open at break times, before and after school. The homework club is held here Monday to Thursday 2.50-4.30 and Friday until 4:30pm with a dedicated LSA to help with any difficulties. On average over 600 students use the LRC per week.