Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to inspire our young people and motivate them to learn; continuously improving upon their best, whatever their background.  We aim to provide learners with opportunity and choice throughout their learning journey, and for as long as possible.  We aim to deliver learning with challenge through high expectations, which enable young people to aspire to be the best and envision their future in the here and now:  everyone actively aiming to Pursue Excellence and Be the Best.

Teaching is delivered via a broad curriculum, one that will open doors for our students, making a difference to their lives, as well as their families and wider community.  Our curriculum values academic and vocational learning as we strive for every child to become a well-rounded, caring and confident individual; able to play a part in their community and equipped with the skills and mindset to contribute to wider society.  Students develop not only their academic potential, but also their artistic, sporting and leadership talents. An exciting extra-curriculum aims to extend their interests beyond the classroom, whether that is in computing, sport, music, art or drama.  Our students are actively encouraged to use social time to read, play, compete, or use our musical instruments such as the piano in the main atrium.  As a consequence, our students respect their environment and each other…

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