KS4 Curriculum

Key stage 4, Year 9, 10 & 11

Key Stage 4 is a 3 year key stage beginning in year 9. Students will follow a set of core courses most leading to a potential qualification. This core will be supported by a range of optional courses. Within the combination of subjects available students will have the chance to study for the ebacc qualification if desired.
At the start of Year 9 and through years 10 and 11, the curriculum narrows slightly and students start their GCSE studies. However, we believe that students should be encouraged to opt for a range of subjects that continue to stimulate each area of the brain whilst preparing them for their post-16 studies; their chosen career and most importantly; to take their place in society where they can make a positive contribution.

We have consulted widely on 3 year examination courses [most schools will run GCSE courses over 2 years]. We believe that with the core and three option choices, students will have a broad and balanced range of courses and are likely to be more successful across the board with the additional hours that three year courses provides (for 2 of the three subjects). We also believe that the curriculum provides seamless progression and continuity ensuring that by the end of Year 8 students are ready and well informed to make their choices for examination courses.

Core subjects in Year 9, 10 and 11

Core consists of subjects that we believe are essential for all young people for example we have included English literature because we believe that a focus on reading and comprehension will support learning across all subjects and will also support English language. Additionally we want all of our young people to develop a love for reading and to be exposed to great literature which is at the heart of our culture.

Core subjects are as follows:

• English language
• English literature
• Maths
• Double science for all. (Triple for the more able, as an option where applicable)
• PE core for all to continue to develop health and fitness.
• IT