Children’s University

Evening Echo 6th December 2018

Castle View launches ‘Children’s University’

Castle View has launched the Children’s University initiative.  The Children’s University is a charitable trust that provides young people with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours.

Mrs Jenkins said “I am delighted to announce that the Children’s University scheme has been launched with Yr7. Some students have already been part of the scheme in primary school, however a new chapter in their education means a new journey with the Children’s university as well. All students have been given a passport, so they can start collecting hours straight away. They can collect hours in a variety of ways including all our extra-curricular activities, as well as various clubs they may be part of outside of school such as dancing, scouts, music lessons, football teams – the list is pretty limitless. Please see the attached briefing sheet for more guidance. You can visit the Essex Children’s university website / Facebook or Twitter account for more details, or contact Natasha Jenkins (Raising aspirations lead) at school.”

Alicia Bowers, Yr 7 said:  “The children’s University is all about children celebrating all their extra curricular activities in and out of school”

Alicia’s Mum, Mrs Kirsty Bowers, said: Alicia has loved being part of the children’s university for the last 5 years, it has encouraged her to want to do more school and after school clubs to collect more hours to get the next award.