Headteachers Blog July

As we reach the end of the year, it would
be great to reflect on what a journey it
has been! Our school is becoming a great
place to work and teach, everyday. This is
becoming ‘the norm,’ with the support of
our young people but, in particular, due
to the increasing support from parents
and carers to help us help their children
achieve but also, more importantly, to
become great human beings. Our values
(described on the front page) are our
collective method to help guide everyone
associated with the school to help each
other do the best on behalf of the young
people who walk through our doors each
day. This school has the potential to be
great – it is a pleasure working with such
bright, articulate and ambitious young
people who will make their own marks
on the future!

Our attendance has been a key focus.
As it was such a key part to improve
when OFSTED visited in December 2017,
we really do need to work together to
ensure every student, every day has
equal access to achieve. If they are not
in regularly enough or consistently it
has a direct impact on their progress.
As every results day shows: those who
have the best attendance, generally, do
the best. We have targets we have to
meet as a school and this is to get above
national average attendance (currently
94.6%) so if your child is below this,
it will affect the school’s ability to be
judged at least ‘Good’ when OFSTED
return and WE want your child to be
taught in a school that is graded as good.
Attendance is improving, however not at
the rate that gets us quickly to national
average and beyond. An odd day here
and there has had an impact. The over
120 term-time holidays that have been
taken have automatically taken nearly
1% of the whole school’s attendance!
Punctuality is a different story. When I
arrived in 2016, on average, we had nearly
50 students late each morning (after
08:30am). Typically this is down to single
digits, often 3 or 4 students. This is also
classed as attendance – for this we have,
together, had a result – thank you.

Our Year 11 had their Prom on Friday
13th July 2018 at the Rayleigh Club. It
was a real opportunity to celebrate the
year group they became. A year group
that had lower than national average
attendance ended up above it. A group
that had its challenges and opportunities
to improve their attitude to learning
became a real positive force for good,
especially as role models for the rest of
the school. Personally, I will miss them
and their presence in our school and
I am looking forward to seeing some
great results from them in August 2018.
We did not achieve this alone. The
support from parents and the students
meant that the school that we have the
potential of becoming started to be seen.
A great sign for the future and for the
experience of your children who are still

We have been working closely with The
King John School and they have been
part of our journey from September 2016
when I joined. From September 2018 we
will be formalising our relationship and
joining a trust with them and another
secondary and primary school. This is
exciting and bodes well for everyone
associated with Castle View School. I
will write to you with more details of this
when we get to the Autumn Term.

All that remains is for me to wish you and
your family a wonderful Summer holiday
and I look forward to working with you
and your children next academic year.
Students return to school Wednesday 5th
September 2018 – Year 7 and 11 arrive for
08:30am and all other year groups will
arrive at 11:00 to start school at Period 3