Headteacher’s Blog May

Summer is here at last and so
is exams season. Our year 11s
couldn’t be in a better position.
Unlike other schools, we are going
to keep on working with our year
11s well into June; lessons and
business as usual to give the best
chance of success. Their attitude
to learning and motivation for
success is inspiring. It shows in
their attendance alone: regularly
over 98%!


This week we did a joint training
session with our students and
colleagues to identify the values
we want to display in our words,
actions and aspirations. Whether
you’re a parent, student, member
of staff or governor, we will all
uphold and work towards these
values. Watch this space!


Attendance overall has improved
weekly. We could hit our target
and turn around that key ofsted
target. What is a challenge is
making up for the lost attendance
for those who have taken term
time holiday. 86 students have
taken between 1 and 12 days
holidays, missing over 930 sessions
which wipes 0.5% off attendance
before we’ve even started. Imagine
how many students (who haven’t
been on holiday) have to have
100% attendance to make this
up. Attendance and holidays is
the key factor that slows down
progress and will prevent good
and outstanding from Ofsted.


We would hit national average and
beyond easily with that 0.5% extra.
Year 10… Year 11 is weeks away.
The focus is turning to you soon
and the first focus point will be
attendance. The lowest in the
school. Good attendance equals
good progress.
Can I thank all the parents
and carers, students of year 11
and staff for their hard work in
ensuring that the current year 11
have become a year group to be
so proud of! Good luck in your