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Excellence Strategy

Excellence Strategy

As a school, our Mission is to Pursue Excellence, Be the Best.  We recognise, however that the journey towards excellence is as important as the end goal and that everyone’s best is different.  As human beings we are all on a journey of improvement but we do not all start at the same point. 

Our Headteacher and our school team have an Excellence Strategy and interleaves with a number of features and activities that form part of the overall daily experience of being a learner or an adult at our school (please click on any hyperlink to take you to that feature). 


Obvious features of our strategy are:


More subtle features such as our Subject Progress Books and how we expect these to be treated, the values that guide us, ensuring we ‘take notice’ of what we bring and what we do when we are at school, and finally, the conversations that take place between students about their work, their journey and what made it an excellent piece of work – these take place in the classroom, in Excellence Assemblies and Roundtable events.  How powerful to have Year 7s talking to and presenting to Year 11, students at completely different ends of their learning journey, but all striving for good, better, best.

Our Curriculum Intent Statement for school as well as the individual Subject Intent Statements, our Continuous Curriculum Plans as well as the targets we set our children and adults are connected to our strategy and that good, better, best, journey.


Pursuing Excellence to Be the Best: that’s our mission!


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