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Most Able

Most Able

At Castle View we believe it is important that our ‘most able’ are recognised and appropriately catered for both in the classroom, and within our enrichment programme.

How are ‘most able’ identified?

• KS2 SATS level 5 in both reading and maths, with a scaled score of 110+

In the Classroom

At Castle View quality first teaching supports the needs of the ‘Most Able’ learners, ensuring that they are suitably stretched and challenged in their learning, to reach their full potential. We recognise the importance of identifying the needs of the individual and the importance of providing a personalised curriculum. This curriculum offer is also extended beyond the classroom.

Most Able Enrichment Programme

Beyond the classroom our ‘Most Able’ students are given a range of opportunities which enrich their learning and extend beyond purely academic study. Students are typically able to engage in:

• The Children’s University- Year 7 & 8 Passports, Year 9-11 volunteering and mentoring scheme
• The Brilliant Club
• Canvey Careers Fair- Careers exhibition for Year 9 & 10
• Skills London- a careers exhibition for Year 11
• Operation Live
• Reading challenges
• University Visits
• Extended Learning Projects
• Young Writer’s Competition
• Foundation Project Qualification
• Shakespeare’s Globe production
• Sixth Form mentoring- English
• Maths Challenge

What can parents do to support their ‘Most Able’ child?

There are many practical steps that you can take to support and nurture your child, for example by encouraging him/her to:

• Utilise the local library and the internet as learning and research resources
• Visit museums, science centres, nature reserves and art galleries
• Read a quality national newspaper
• Discuss and debate a wide range of topics
• Discuss homework and schoolwork
• Take part in extra-curricular activities
• Listen to different types of music
• Read for pleasure, including demanding/challenging books
• Take regular physical exercise
• Socialise and relax in between work and learn to ‘switch off’


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