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Curriculum Head Start Videos

Curriculum Head Start Videos


We encourage our children and young people to look ahead and prepare for their curriculum subjects to come.  Reading around a subject and looking in advance means pupils can make more progress, rapidly and with more secure foundations.  Each half term we send the Head Start videos, by year group, to pupils and families so that parents / carers can be active participants in what their child is learning.

Many parents have said this has really helped them to discuss the curriculum with their child and in some cases, as a family, they have been able to learn about it together and even do trips to museums or places of interest.


Please see below for the most recent Head Start videos.


Spring 2 (20th Feb - 31st Mar 2023)











Spring 1 (5th Jan - Feb 10th 2023)












For older Curriculum Head Start videos, please visit our Instagram or the forms and letters webpage.