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Castle View School

The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Welcome to the Castle View Art Department, where we strive for engaging and creative learning through a broad and varied curriculum.

During the KS3 program students will explore Art through diverse artworks, cultural influences, material experimentation and drawing techniques. All projects give students the opportunity for self-expression and are grounded in the elements of art; line, tone, colour, form, shape, composition and texture.

This approach enables students to benefit from the creative process and develop key skills, such as resilience and creative problem solving, whilst progressing with their own making skills.

In KS4, the skills learnt previously are built on and applied to themed projects during the AQA Art GSCE, where students are challenged to independently explore topics and address issues relevant to their personal, social or moral development. Students take part in practical work, teamwork, reflection, written analysis of artworks and develop specialist language relevant to art. Drawing skills and different materials are explored in more depth and observational artwork is key to progression. During these years there will be opportunities for students to work outside the classroom whilst on an Art field trip or gallery visit. In addition, we hope to welcome practising artists to the school to demonstrate the knowledge and breadth of the creative industries.

We endeavour to create a supportive and motivating atmosphere which celebrates young Artists work and fosters pride in all students. As such all students will have the opportunity to show case their work through artist of the month and in the exhibition space near the Art Rooms. We hope to expand this in the near future to include an end of year Art Exhibition and a website gallery.

All students are expected to try their best as they explore, develop and refine new skills; Art can change our perspectives and those who engage and challenge themselves will achieve the most.