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Geography Subject Intent Statement:

Geography promotes curiosity about the world and a thirst to understand our role within it. It aims to create good global citizens; with an understanding of different cultures.  Students then become confident in the art of debate and have a strong understanding of the diversity within our world.  The study of Geography develops knowledge of the location of globally significant places, including continents, countries, cities and seas and helps students discover both physical and human processes within these.

Geography is a broad academic discipline and students who study it can identify the extent to which it links with many subjects.  Students consider links with History through the study of crime, and medicine, and learn how mapping can be used to predict, prepare and mitigate key events.

Importantly Geography enables students to study our role within climate change.  Ecology has strong links with Science and the role of data and Mathematics to measure how countries have developed and changed over time means students have ample opportunity to utilise their Maths skills.

The study of Geography encourages students to discover the interdependence of our world and how this has changed over time. This is taught using a range of skills to include data collection through fieldwork, statistical analysis, and cartographic work through collection of both primary and secondary data.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the development of technology enables students to challenge their perception and their own experience of the world.  In conjunction with this the development of life-long Geographers who embrace fieldwork and awe of our planet is the ultimate aim of the subject.

Curriculum Intent Statement Geography

Continuous Curriculum Plans Explained


Continuous Curriculum Plan - Geography:

Our Continuous Curriculum Plans (CCPs) navigate the academic journey of your child by subject from KS2 all the way up into KS5. They allow both staff, students and parents to be clear on what is being taught and where assessments lay in the school year, which in turn, gives students autonomy over their learning as it empowers them to prepare ahead of time. 

Please use the tool below to zoom in so that you can see the details of the curriculum in this subject.

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Continuous Curriculum Plan - Geography