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Hair Dressing

Hair Dressing

Welcome to the hairdressing area of Castle view website.

Here you will find information on City & Guilds Hairdressing Level 1 as well as useful links and documents to help assist Hairdressing students.

What can be achieved by Hairdressing students?

It will help the gain an insight about the industry, learning basic skills and relevant background knowledge.

This course does not offer beauty practical, only hair styling and braiding is offered in practical sessions.

If you are interested in learning make-up when you leave school then learning to style hair will benefit you. If you should want to work in TV/ music, theatre or fashion industries then some companies would expect you to be able to style hair as well as make-up.

Assessments are made up of a series of tasks. The students are required to complete all of them to require a pass, merit or distinction.
All knowledge on these units are delivered prior to the task.

  • Health and safety
  • Unit 101 Introduction to the hair and beauty sector- has 4 theory assignments
  • Unit 102 presenting a professional image in a salon- has 2 theory assignments and 1 practical observation.
  • Unit 003 Shampooing and conditioning the hair- this has a small test and a practical observation
  • Unit 103 Styling women’s hair- this has 2 theory assignments and a practical observation
  • Unit 105 Plaiting and twisting- this has 1 theory assignment and a practical observation
    Practical observations take place in the salon; these consist of 3 formative observations (practice)

Followed by a summative observation (final) this will be a pass or fail.
Other units can be offered to fast tracking students

What can we do to help these students?

  • We walk round the local salons to gather information from them which in turn really helps them have a better understanding when working on the assignments.
  • A trip to salon international in London to see the latest designs , products and some great hair shows
  • We provide all equipment in a full salon environment

Follow the links to observation and grading criteria and more about City & Guilds.

  • Unit 003 Shampoo and conditioning – Task B – Observation checklist
  • Unit 102 Presenting a professional image in a salon – Task C – Observation checklist
  • Unit 103 Styling women’s hair – Task C – Observation checklist
  • Unit 105 Plating and twisting hair – task B – Observation checklist
  • Marking and grading criteria