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The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages Subject Intent Statement:

Languages are part of the cultural richness of our society and the world in which we live and work.  Learning languages is a worthwhile and enjoyable experience and prepares students for today’s global village. When learning a language, students learn to appreciate different countries, cultures, communities and people, giving them another window to look at the world.  By making comparisons, they gain insight into their own culture and society.  For examples in exploring the etymology of a word, they can follow its evolution through different languages and appreciate that languages are interlinked.  Learning French lays the foundation of understanding other romantic languages.

The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a lifelong skill for education, employment and leisure in this country and throughout the world. Learning languages gives students opportunities to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and to express themselves with increasing confidence, independence and creativity.  Understanding of grammatical points in another language gives students a grounding of their own grammar which supports the development of literacy skills in a pupil’s own language.

At a deeper level, language learning encourages students to develop courage, resilience and self-discipline.  These characteristics will help to turn them into real linguists, harnessing a sense of modernity and cultural integrity. As Nelson Mandela quoted ‘if you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

Curriculum Intent Modern Foreign Languages


Continuous Curriculum Plan - MFL:

Our Continuous Curriculum Plans (CCPs) navigate the academic journey of your child by subject from KS2 all the way up into KS5. They allow both staff, students and parents to be clear on what is being taught and where assessments lay in the school year, which in turn, gives students autonomy over their learning as it empowers them to prepare ahead of time. 

Please use the tool below to zoom in so that you can see the details of the curriculum in this subject. 

Continuous Curriculum Plan - MFL