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Mathematics Subject Intent Statement:

Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. It provides uniquely powerful ways to describe, analyse and change the world and is fundamental to personal and national prosperity. At a more profound, philosophical level, the universe mysteriously seems to follow strict mathematical laws evident through scientific observation. However, these same laws also have a self-contained logic, which exists outside of time and space, in a realm beyond the reach of humankind.

Engineers use mathematics to develop the efficient, reliable and safe products that surround us. The financial sector provides the services that allow us to own and protect assets and enjoy financial security throughout our lives. Economists provide us with a stable environment by collecting and analysing data, identifying trends and making predictions so that action can be taken to benefit from opportunities or deal with threats.

On a personal level, mathematics allows students to exercise control of their lives by giving them an understanding of the implications and consequences of any decisions they make. The study of mathematics also trains students to approach and analyse problems in both creative and systematic ways, a skill that is transferrable to other aspects of their lives.

In this context it is our intention to make mathematical thinking a habit of mind. We provide all students with a solid foundation of numeracy and practical skills that will allow them to cope with the everyday situations they will face in the future. We enable students to become proficient in standard mathematical techniques and challenge them to apply these standard techniques to problems within mathematical and other contexts. We encourage students to experience the sense of accomplishment that arises from finding a creative solution to a complex problem. We teach students to reason, interpret and communicate proficiently in the international language of mathematics.

Through our teaching we aim to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen career paths and make a significant contribution to society as a whole.

Curriculum Intent Statement Mathematics

Continuous Curriculum Plans Explained


Continuous Curriculum Plan - Mathematics:

Our Continuous Curriculum Plans (CCPs) navigate the academic journey of your child by subject from KS2 all the way up into KS5. They allow both staff, students and parents to be clear on what is being taught and where assessments lay in the school year, which in turn, gives students autonomy over their learning as it empowers them to prepare ahead of time. 

Please use the tool below to zoom in so that you can see the details of the curriculum in this subject.

mathematics ccp 23 24 yrs 7 9.pdf

mathematics ccp 23 24 yrs 10 11.pdf

Continuous Curriculum Plan - Mathematics Years 7-9

Continuous Curriculum Plan - Mathematics Years 10-11