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Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

Castle View School is committed to fulfilling all its responsibilities in regards to the Equality Act of 2010, as outlined in our Equality and Diversity Statement.

Central to our educational provision is the insistence that all learners develop as members of a multi cultural and diversified world, with the capacity to contribute positively to their local, national and global communities. Underpinning this ethos is a commitment to the opposition of prejudiced discrimination founded on the basis of legally defined personal characteristics such as race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or religion/belief. Any instances of peer issues that may be in relation to a protected characteristic will be taken seriously and dealt with under the school’s Rewards and Behaviour Policy as per our Anti-Bullying Policy. Castle View School - Policies

Our culture of inclusivity is founded on appreciation and celebration, perspectives we strive to instil in our students. Accordingly, our curriculum provides the key skills necessary to function as a citizen in modern Britain, with every subject embedding aspects of SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) into their academic provision. To see what this looks like in practice, please see our PSHE RSE (Personal Development) Subject Intent, Statement as well as our whole school Curriculum Intent Statement. Castle View School - Personal Development - PSHE RSE

This holistic approach is supplemented by wider school initiatives such as personal and social development which explores relevant topics explicitly and in greater depth. Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors also design and produce a range of purposeful resources to proactively tackle common cultural misconceptions and challenge prejudices that may stem from these, even if these prejudices have not explicitly manifested within the school community. We choose to assume it is happening even if it is unseen, this gives us the ability to educate and develop protective measures further.

Castle View School want to ensure opportunities for all, and we are always happy to discuss reasonable adjustments that can be made for students, or indeed parents, visitors and community users. We encourage an open dialogue with parents and students; if there is any aspect of the curriculum or school provision that you have questions about, please do get in touch with the school to discuss how we can further your experience of the school. For more information, please see our Accessibility Plan, our school offer and our Special Education Needs (SEN) Information Report.

Equality and Diversity Statement

Equality and Diversity Objectives 2021-2025