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Results 2022

Congratulations to our Year 11 students of 2022.  Despite the huge challenges facing our students over the last 2 years, they have done themselves and their school proud.   We have seen throughout the school continued improvements in attainment, lots of top grades and inspiring success stories. 

We celebrate progress as well as attainment.  The photo below shows some of students who consistently made better than expected progress as well as those who reached the highest attainment. 

As a school we recognise there is so much more we want, and can do, to improve all pupils’ progress, regardless of background or need, to make strong and secure levels of progress.

We focus on the journey as well as the outcome.


Our top ten Castle View students achieved 99 strong GCSE passes between them, 65 of which were the grades 9-7 (or equivalent), which are the highest grades available.  The top 4 students achieved 10 grade 9s and 22 grade 8s.

English and maths attainment continues to be high.  120 students achieved a grade 9-4 in English, with 118 in maths; 90 students achieved a grade 9-5 in English, with 80 in maths; 12 students achieved grades (9-7) in English, with 20 in maths.  76 students achieved a double standard pass (or better) in science.  The geography and history pass rates remain significantly higher than the last examined year, 2019. 

Languages has been a priority for us, raising aspirations and ensuring a language is central to our students’ curriculum.  We are pleased to see French outcomes have consistently improved and this year we saw this rise to 88.2% Grade 5 or better.

Our disadvantaged students’ overall attainment measure was maintained.

Other improvements include subjects such as Art (up 15%), Business Enterprise (up 13%) and PE Health & Fitness (up 30%).  The improvement in the school’s overall attainment can also be seen in the following subjects:

Construction                      90% Pass with 20% Merit-Distinction.

OCR Sport                          89% Pass with 67% Merit-Distinction.

Music RSL                          100% Pass with 75% Merit-Distinction.

Triple Biology                    100% grades 9-5

Triple Chemistry              100% grades 9-5


Our students’ attainment continues to increase over time and, across a broad and balanced curriculum.


* Please note: In 2020 and 2021, grades were Centre Assessed/Teacher Assessed and not based on externally assessed examinations.


The school is proud of the journey of both pupils, staff and its community in many areas, its work on the curriculum, the increasing ambition through its focus on Excellence, its culture and care, as well as the outcomes.  We know however, that we still have lots of areas we want to improve as a school. 

Our subject leaders are already working on plans, in the light of this year’s outcomes, to ensure all our students, regardless of background or need, make good progress.

Pupil Destinations:

2019: 93%

2021: 94% (Essex Activity Survey Data)

2022: 95% (Internal destination pupil survey data)


School and College Performance Tables:

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Results 2022

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