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Results 2021

Results 2021

Results 2021

External Statement:

Congratulations to our Year 11 students of 2021.  Despite the huge challenges facing our students this year, they have done us proud, with continued improvements in attainment and lots of top grades and success stories.  The cohort of 2021 had significant disruption to their learning, as did everyone else nationally, but they did not let this dampen their efforts and this clearly paid off.

Our top ten Castle View students achieved 95 GCSE strong passes between them, 81 of which were the grades 9-7 (or equivalent), which are the highest grades available.  The top 7 students achieved 10 grade 9s and 25 grade 8s between them.

L-R: Libby, Chyna, Grace, Nathan, Leo, Tobias, Jessica and Amy

The individual successes above mirror the school’s overall journey of improvement over several years.  The trends overall and at individual subject level shows that the culture, ethos, the dedication of both pupils and staff, with the support of parents, is paying off.  Progress overall continues to strengthen and build, attainment overall and at individual subject level is secure and continues to build and the differences between those pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds with non, continue to climb.  The school’s attendance, even throughout the pandemic was consistently well above national average and this trend has been in place for several years. 

Headteacher, Steve Durkin, commented: “Our pupils’ results are not the result of the work in a pandemic, they are the culmination of 11 years of formal education, of which the last 5 have been with us, at Castle View School, I am pleased our results continue to improve but that we also support our young people to be confident, articulate and kind – skills just as valuable in their future lives.  Thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents who have worked hard to ensure our young people get what they truly deserve.”

Nathan (Head Boy) said, “My Mum was so excited when she saw my results.  I am really happy with how well I did.”  He will be going to the Colchester Institute to study Music, a Level 3 Professional Musicianship.

Libby added, “ I am really happy with my results.”  She, will be going to KJS sixth form to study A Levels in Biology, Maths and PE.

Chyna commented, “I’m excited to see where these results will take me.”  Chyna is going to SEEVIC to study A Levels in English Literature, Drama and Law.

Finally, Grace (Head Girl) said, “I am results pleased with my results and I am looking forward to the next steps,” Grace is joining Libby at KJS Sixth Form to study A Levels in English Literature, Geography and Sociology.