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Our Values

Our Values

Castle View School and its colleagues take our role as educators very seriously and we embrace academic success and personal development equally. We view that developing the whole person and equipping them with the skills and values to navigate life (at school and beyond) is very important. In March 2018, we worked with students, colleagues, governors and parents to create the ‘values’ that would inspire and help our young people develop. These values form part of our daily life, they are ‘lived not just laminated.’ 

It is important that parents and carers are aware of the values as we use these with our work with young people and their families. We also expect these of our colleagues and governors. For example, any new employees will be asked at interview to provide examples of how they have met the values – thereby ensuring everyone, in everything they do and with every individual they come into contact is aware of, actively using and ultimately modelling the values. The values can be seen below and are explained within the introduction opposite.

More than just words: our values are a unique life-tool and ready reckoner. Once learnt, they can be used to guide and support anyone to do the right thing (integrity) having noticed something. They can go through the stages to make a decision, to do something about what they noticed and seek a range of solutions. Value everyone involved in the situation and solutions equally. They can own the situation and be “in the moment” (be present). They should embrace the challenge that often comes with doing the right thing, as it is sometimes not the easiest thing to do - that’s integrity.