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Castle View School

The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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CVS Annual Show

Annual Show

Every February, Castle View combines Music, Dance and Drama under a theme to put on a huge multimedia event for the local community.

As teachers we nurture all aspects and levels of talent, for that is the only way for abilities to grow.  For these performances it was the first time the majority of the students involved had ever stood in front of a large audience… and what an audience it was. Just as with #80’s, we sold out both nights and played to a packed matinee filled with students from local primary schools.  Every audience member left absolutely buzzing and the feedback we received was reflective of this, as you can see from the quotes in the pictures below.

Creative arts Staff make a promise to all students that audition in front of us. That if they are brave enough to audition then they will get a part, irrespective of ability. Suddenly, from nothing they find themselves on posters in the local high street, plastered over social media and then standing in front of sell-out audiences. Every year students learn from this experience and become better performers and artists. With the creative curriculum now involved students even had the ability to get involved with catering, upscaling fashion, 2d animation and even video game design – all based on films! We also had ‘fillers’ between the acts where teachers were invited to speak about what movies changed their lives and we even showed a video that our students created when in Hollywood in October 2017.

The show gives the students a unique experience that will stay with them forever. Our students made us so proud. Every student embodied their character and worked tirelessly to learn their lines, work on their voice and movement and bring their scene to life. The students were true professionals for every rehearsal, run through and performance. They were ready and waiting in the wings ready to impress. The fact that all performances were sold out speaks volumes.

We pride ourselves on offering more than classroom teaching at Castle View, and the local communities feedback on these shows are proof that our students deliver on this. Now here’s to next year!