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Castle View School

The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Year Groups

Year Groups

Year 7

Head of Year Miss E Hobbs      Student Support Officer Mrs J Jay

Miss Hobbs, Head of Year, and Mrs Jay, Student Support Officer, work together to ensure that students feel safe and happy in Year 7. Transition into secondary school is a daunting experience for all and the pair ensures that friendship groups are formed successfully, incidents are dealt with in line with the school’s behaviour policy and students can access the curriculum to reach their full potential. Students are placed into mixed ability forms for registration each morning. Students are usually grouped with at least one student from their primary school where possible. Mrs Jay is a student’s first port of call during the school day whilst they are not in lessons if they have any issues. She will contact home and ensure that students feel safe and happy. This ensures that a strong school-parent/carer relationship is formed to help students in their day to day school life.

Year 7 is all about settling into a new school and getting ready to study at a higher level.

In year 7 students can join a multitude of sports teams, different clubs and take part in school performances. Students can also apply towards the end of year 7 to be part of the students leadership team.


Year 8

Head of Year: Mrs P Bardiaux-Stansby        Student support officer: Mrs A Bond

In year 8 we help students to develop the skills they have learnt in year 7 both in the classroom and in social situations as well. As a team, we want to provide the safest and most productive environment possible to enable the students in our care to thrive and be the best they can be.  We work hard to ensure that students and parents feel that they can rely on us to listen to their problems and act appropriately.  We achieve this by encouraging openness and honesty and treating the issues of each student and parent with an open mind.   Between us we have a wealth of experience that we use to guide us in dealing with common day to day problems and those of a more serious nature.  We have a wide range of roles covering attendance, academic monitoring and behaviour management as well as helping students choose their option choices as they enter Key Stage 4, all of which will see us make regular contact with parents.  We encourage and appreciate students and parents who are proactive in their own or their children’s education and understand that, we as a team have a great responsibility in ensuring the welfare of all the children in our care.


Year 9

Head of Year Mr Irrate     SSO Miss J Metson

Year 9 is a transitional year in education. For many students, it’s the first step towards independence, as having chosen their options the previous year, many recognize that they have been given the opportunity to engage with new subjects and look forward to new challenges.

At Castle View, the Year 9 team puts a great deal of effort in ensuring that our students are exposed to new experiences in and out of the classroom. We aim to develop independent, engaged and thoughtful learners. Research in education indicates that this year group is particularly engaged when looking at areas that make a difference in the community and connect with the wider world. This was in evidence this year, when on two occasions, Year 9 students organised a coffee morning raising £318.78 for Macmillan cancer support and more recently a cake sale to enable a local charity for the disabled to access a sporting event in Sheffield.

As our students mature, they become more resilient and are better equipped to understand their place in the world and have their say. Many are keen to take more responsibilities and have joined the Students Leadership Team. They undertake duties with staff or senior prefects and represent Castle View School in a wide range of events.

Information regarding events taking place is sent to parents regularly via the school newsletter and we are keen to meet parents during the Pace evening to discuss our common goal: your child’s success and well-being


Year 10

Head of Year: Mr L Sullivan                     Student Support Officer: Mrs A Butcher

Year 10 is a very important and significant year. Students continue with their Key Stage 4 courses and are given the opportunity, through many exciting schemes and programmes, to further gain skills and qualities that are valued by sixth form, colleges, universities and the work place.

In Year 10 all students have an excellent opportunity to fully establish themselves and progress within their chosen Key Stage 4 courses and career pathways.

During Year 10 students are formally assessed for some of the courses they are studying. Subject descriptions will give you further and up to date information on this.

In Year 10 students also can take part in exciting and excellent initiatives to help to continue to develop key skills including communication, listening and problem solving.

In Year 10 students could become part of the Student Leadership Team. Student leaders should set the standard and be a positive role model to other students and take responsibility for the well-being and environment of the school. The skills they gain and demonstrate would be good evidence to use for Prefect applications. The application process for becoming a prefect starts after Easter

Year 10 also start to look at careers and future destinations, with visits to colleges and university campuses. They take part in Mock interview days and have colleges and sixth forms come in to discuss their options for year 12. In Year 10 students start preparation for their GCSE’s by taking Pre-Public Exams (PPE’s). These are taken in the same way as GCSE’s and provide an excellent example to students of what the real exams would be like.


Year 11

Head of Year: Mr S Cooper        Student Support Officer & Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Merry

Year 11 is one of the most important years of any student’s education. This is the final year in which they consolidate all the information learned over the last 3 years and enter their G.C.S.E’s. During this final year they have their pre-public exams in November and March and will sit final exams in the May. Parents will receive termly updates and can meet with staff at two PACE evenings.

As well as students receiving a good full-time education covering the subjects they take, as a school we put on lots of revision sessions to help our pupils. We offer lunch clubs, period 6 learning, Saturday College and holiday revision classes. We have a brilliantly dedicated staff that work tirelessly to ensure every pupil reaches their full potential and are always on hand to answer any questions.

The head boy and head girl along with the senior prefects, prefects and student leadership team start completing duties at lunch and help staff in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the students out our school. They are always available to any pupil to offer help and support to any pupil in our school and they are such amazing role models within the school-we are very proud of them!

This is the time of year when our pupils look to get in their college and 6th form applications. They will have the opportunity to have a careers interview with connexions. We also have regular assemblies from post 16 education providers. Their application process will be meticulously walked through with them and they are fully supported by tutors through to senior staff.

It is an exciting time for them planning for their prom and their year book. We have committees of pupils who run the organisation and decision making for these areas and they are currently doing a fabulous job and I know that the prom will be a brilliant event as it always is. The students also help to organise a year book which also looking brilliant because of all the hard work the pupils (and Miss Cole) are putting into it. They will also have the chance to purchase a “Castleview Leavers” Hoody which gives them a additional memory on a cold winters night.