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Castle View School



The Innovate team are delighted to partner with the students, teachers and staff at Castle View School.


Our aim, along with the school, is to provide all students with an exceptional catering experience.

Our very talented Chef and the fantastic catering team will be serving exciting menus packed with healthy ingredients, that are full of variety, and with loads of interesting new things to try.

 It's important that the food tastes as good as it looks, and we're sure you won't be disappointed.


Innovate has long been considered the most inventive school caterer and that’s because we’re very clear about our food. All our dishes are prepared every day using quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that are responsibly sourced. As well as ensuring the food on the plate is healthy, we want our customers to understand the importance of eating the right foods and help them with their food and nutrition journey.


School meals are paid for via a cashless system called ParentPay.  This is a means for Parents and Carers to pay for school meals, trips and other items via an online system. More details regarding cashless catering can be found on the ParentPay page by clicking here.


For any dinner money balances that require refunding, please email finance@castleviewschool.co.uk



Below is a link to the Innovate website.



The menu choices at Castle View School are shown below within the embedded PDFs.

The PDF files can also be downloaded further below.

zenith trust innovate restaurant menu.pdf

zenith trust boh break pod menu.pdf


Free School Meals

Your child may be entitled to free school meals or a premium to assist with their education.

Even if your child does not wish to eat free school meals but is entitled to, the school could receive additional funding each year to help with tuition, resources, coaching and extra assistance.

To find out if your child is entitled please follow the Free School Meals link.

Once free school meal entitlement has been established a daily allowance of £2.40 is automatically added to your child’s catering account.