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Castle View School

The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Learning Resource Centre


7,000 Books housed in the LRC!

· Resources: We have a wall of computers and a bank of laptops for students study and homework use. Community colouring and jigsaws, word search and small games are available for students during break times.The LRC is a quiet and calm area that houses nearly 7000 books. We open at 8am for those students who need to do a bit of homework or change a book, or just sit peacefully until school starts. We are open at both break times and after school, the homework club is held here until 4.30pm with a dedicated LSA to help with any difficulties.

· Accelerated Reader: This is a programme that places books into a reading range allocated by a colour. After taking a Star Reading test at the start of each term, students will be told what “colour” book they should be borrowing to improve their reading; neither too easy nor too hard. After reading, students quiz on that book and this leads to certificates, college points and prizes.

· LEAP: Literacy Engagement and Attainment Programme. KS3 students needing extra support with literacy and reading are given two hours per week to work in the LRC with a computer programme called Lexia Core 5; which provides personalised learning in the six areas of reading instruction and targets any skills gaps they may have. They also read 1:1 with an adult; take spelling tests and complete reading and literacy booklets.

· ERIC: We are a reading school; here we practice ERIC (Everyone Reads in Class) for years 7, 8 and 9. These students read a book of their choice every day at the start of a lesson for 15 minutes (including the teacher!) Years 10 and 11 read subject specific materials provided by the Curriculum Area. ERIC is timetabled for a different period each week.

· LRC Associates: Students that love books and reading, volunteer to work in the LRC during break times. They help to keep our library running smoothly on a daily basis and assist on our event days. This earns them certificates, badges, college points and other treats throughout the year.

· Competitions & Author Visits: We hold lots of competitions in the LRC and have regular Author visits, which we’ve found motivate and inspire students. These include Anne Fine, Marcus Sedgwick, Chris Bradford and Stewart Ross to name just a few.

· Children’s University: The librarian is also the Children’s University Co-ordinator, a world-wide organisation that encourages out of school hour’s quality learning for children aged 5-14. Students use a “passport” to collect stamps from participating activities and these are rewarded by certificates and student graduations. Example activities include dance clubs, sport clubs, museum visits and P6 after school lessons.

As you can see we put our LRC to good use and all students are welcome and encouraged to visit.